Chinese medicine cupping weight loss therapy

锘? Chinese medicine cupping weight loss therapy The over-eating fat is rich and sweet, transported by the spleen and stomach, converted into a grease, accumulates in the body, or placed in a dampness double air machine. Explain the relationship between obesity and spleen and stomach. Although traditional Chinese medicine ancient literature has no weight loss

6 kinds of foods let you eat meat

锘? 6 kinds of foods let you eat meat 1. Almond: Almond contains a lot of magnesium. A study by Western Washington University showed that increasing the supplemental weight of magnesium increased the negative gravity by 20%. 銆€銆€2. Broccoli: The content of vitamin C in broccoli is the highest among vegetables. Half a cup of

A leaven is very light

锘? A “leaven” is very light Position health drinks and create new categories of healthy fruit and vegetable fermented drinks. Putting down the mind and letting go of the filth, letting go of the soul, returning to simple, pure, beautiful, can bring true balance of health. I read down, see more beautiful scenery, let go,


New Way to Lose Weight – Aroma Weight Loss Cream In this era of “fertilizer”, there are often some strange new ways to lose weight. Recently, a British company invented a scented slimming cream. 銆€銆€Apply this blue cream, which is about the same size as the painkiller cream, to the back of the hand, the