Fashion OL: Diet + Yoga = Charm

For your health, yoga is also worth eating in addition to breathing and posture.

Many yoga practitioners believe that the food a person eats affects his body as well as his mind and consciousness. Yoga promotes a healthy vegetarian diet.

Whether you are a professional engineer or whether you have practiced yoga, we recommend a natural, healthy weekly yoga diet.

  Weight loss recipe: morning: coffee, apple lunch: rice (a small bowl) fried potatoes with green pepper, a raw cucumber, seaweed soup late: boiled shrimp (several), roasted tofu, cold raw onion, celery budBreathing tightness Wear loose clothes to the gym.

When starting a new thing, it is inevitable that you will be nervous. The coach ‘s suggestion is to adjust your breathing first: find a comfortable position (you can lie down and sit, but you must relax your body), close your eyes gently and start deep breathing.When you inhale, shrink your abdomen, and when exhaling, feel a feeling that your nose is being brought to the spine.

In the process of breathing, try to feel your mood is very good, put aside all thoughts, think about the most beautiful picture in memory, which lasts for about five minutes, open your eyes, do you find that the world in front of you is much clearer than before,Confidence has also strengthened too much?

  Tips: 1. Practice area: Many people think that finding a quiet, airy cabin or a quiet office is fine.

But for novices, Xiaobian’s suggestion is that it is best to find a professional yoga class and receive interactive learning among the crowd. It is always more useful than a book and a CD.

  2. Practice time: It is best to avoid the period before and after meals. You can choose freely in the early morning or evening.

Do not practice during menstruation, especially during the first three days.

  3. Dress: Loose clothes are enough.