Summer solstice health care attention Yang Yangyang

Today, it is the summer solstice that is one of the traditional twenty-four solar terms. It is the longest day of the day in the northern hemisphere.

“But the summer solstice is not hot”, “the summer solstice is three tens of years”, after the summer solstice, most places will enter the midsummer, health experts pointed out that at this time, the health should conform to the characteristics of summer yangsheng, pay attention to the protection of yang phenomenon:There are more people in the air-conditioning disease who are engaged in logistics work in Nanning. In response to the arrival of the summer, he has a special way to cool off the heat. When he is out of work, he will be tied to a nearby bank when he is free, and he will sigh in the mall.

Mr. Lin said that in the hot weather in the suburbs, it will be sweating in a short time, and you can’t always bring a fan with you, so it is very cool to go to those public places with air-conditioning and openness to cool the body quickly.

However, in recent days, Mr. Lin has always been inexplicably sore, initially thought it was a cold, but in addition to muscle, joint parts are uncomfortable, and there is no runny nose, sneezing and other symptoms.

Mr. Lin thought of the method of scraping and cupping, and he came back home after work every day.

One or two hours after each scraping or cupping, Mr. Lin did feel that his body was relaxed, but he woke up the next day and his body was still sore.

銆€銆€There are a lot of people like Mr. Lin who have developed discomfort before and after the summer solstice.

Huang Bin, the chief physician of the Center for Treatment of Untreated Diseases at the Ruikang Hospital affiliated to Guangxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that this is probably the “air conditioning disease” as the saying goes.

Huang Bin said that when the human body is in a state of sweating, the pores of the body are open, and suddenly enter the space where the air is open. This sudden stimulation causes the body to be invaded by the wind and evil, causing failure.

It is best to avoid the “air conditioning disease” to give the body a transition, such as carrying a handkerchief, towel, dry the sweat on the body, take a break in the shade and then enter the open air.

Huang Bin said that the body suddenly alternates between hot and cold, and may not be immediately ill. The body gradually accumulates wind evil and will have symptoms similar to a cold and muscle reaction.

It is also possible that in the autumn and winter seasons, it is easy to have a fever and lower the resistance.

銆€銆€In addition, Guangxi famous Chinese medicine Nong Zening pointed out that it is not suitable for the public to use the cupping and cupping to go to the heat.

Should it be 7 apart before and after cupping?
More than 10 days, too much or wrong way will damage the body.

銆€銆€Health: Protecting Yang Yang is very important. “It is said that there is spring sleep in spring, but I still feel very sleepy in the summer.
“The little Hu of the military design work is very puzzled. The summer is coming. The friends around me seem to have the ability, fitness, swimming, playing, clubbing, life arrangement and posture, but he often feels incompetent and lazy.”.
銆€銆€Dr. Nong Zening pointed out that yang, according to the theory of Chinese medicine, is the driving force for the function of organs and organs in the organs and organs.

If the internal organs lack power, people with insufficient yang will naturally feel that they are weak and have no strength.

In the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine”, the principle of “health in spring and summer, Yangyin in autumn and winter” is recorded, and people are required to arrange life in accordance with the laws of “spring rises and summer masters” in nature.

Nong Zening said that on the summer solstice, the northern hemisphere’s white pelicans reached the longest, and it was the most prosperous season.

Therefore, health care should conform to the characteristics of summer yangsheng, pay attention to protecting yang from all aspects, and maintain the smooth flow of air.

The public can learn some simple and effective methods.

銆€銆€The first is to adjust the schedule.

After the summer solstice, in response to changes in the natural environment of Yang Sheng, you should sleep late and get up early.

In addition, reasonable arrangements for lunch breaks, to avoid the heat of the afternoon, the replacement can restore vitality.

If you are a gendarmerie, you should avoid the hot days and heat protection.

Nong Zening reminded that when I got back to work after work, I eliminated the hot fatigue of the day. The best way is to take a warm bath.

Because it can not only “discharge yang” to make the skin clean and cool, and warm water shower alternates the surface of the blood vessels to expand, accelerate blood circulation, improve the nutrition of skin and tissues.

銆€銆€鈥淎fter adjusting the work schedule, you need to exercise properly.

“Nong Zening said.

To prevent heatstroke after the summer solstice, it is best to choose a warmer time in the morning or evening. Walk in the fresh air of the river, lake, park, etc., walk, jog, and do a good job.

After excessive exercise, sweating and sweating, not only hurt yin, but also yang.

銆€銆€Conditioning: “Winter disease and summer cure” was the last interruption at that time. Mr. Ma of Nanning was very busy after returning home from work every day. He lit a moxa stick and took moxibustion at different points of the body according to the book.

Mr. Ma is very susceptible to colds in the autumn and winter seasons, as well as diseases of the gastrointestinal system. He is doing moxibustion for himself to “winter disease in summer”.

However, after a few days of moxibustion, Mr. Ma had a headache, inflammation of the throat and other symptoms.

The doctor told him that the health awareness of “winter disease and summer cure” is good, but if there is a lack of professional guidance and operation, it must be cautious.

銆€銆€Dr. Nguyen Ning pointed out that the summer disease and the summer disease in summer are the important preventive medicine ideas in Chinese medicine.
“Winter disease” is a disease that is prone to occur in winter. Once it occurs, cold rhinitis, respiratory diseases, and some elderly people have low back and leg pain.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the chronic disease patients are biased towards debilitating cold, and in the winter, it is like “returning clothes to the south.”

In the summer, the human body yang reaches the highest peak of the four seasons, and then the winter disease is treated. The cold accumulation is easily driven out, thereby enhancing the disease resistance.

Huang Bin introduced that the method of removing cold in summer is also very simple, taking more warm diet.

For example, brown sugar ginger soup has the function of warming the stomach and warming it. When it is taken on a summer day, it can be cooled down and then drunk.

銆€銆€Nong Zening reminded that citizens can also “winter disease and summer defense.”

For example, there are rheumatic, rheumatoid, traumatic joint pain and cold, and the symptoms of limb numbness caused by moisture are often cold and the heat disappears.

People with these symptoms should pay attention to the warmth of the joints during sleep in the summer.

Some citizens have “head wind disease”, they will have headaches when they are cold, and should not wash their hair with cold water in summer, or they can directly point their heads to the fan and air conditioner hair dryer.

銆€銆€Diet: Avoid greedy cold food should be clear to the summer solstice season, the fire is more, sweating, salt also caused losses.

In addition, people’s appetite is also affected by changes in the weather, which is characterized by decreased appetite and a mouthless taste.

At this time, in addition to the light diet, you must pay attention to avoid too much cold food, and do not hinder proper clearance.

銆€銆€Jiang Tao, the attending physician of the Nutrition Department of Guangxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that after the loss of appetite, too many people are more likely to eat. This kind of habit is not good because the weather is hot, the body’s water and minerals are lost, and human activities increase.The demand is also higher than in winter, so supplementing the balanced balance of nutrition is still the key.

銆€銆€For example, eat more alkaline foods to ensure the normal weak alkaline of the human body.

However, alkaline food does not mean that its pH is alkaline, but it is alkaline after catabolism in the human body.

For example, although the fruit contains fruit acid, it is alkaline after being decomposed into the human body. It is the alkaline food required by the human body.

In addition, you can drink more vegetables and fresh fruit juice.

Alcoholic foods such as alcohol, dessert, fat, and red meat (such as beef, sheep, and pork) should not be eaten.

銆€銆€After the summer solstice, the daily water consumption of the citizens increased significantly, but excessive drinking water may also increase the burden on the kidneys and damage health.

Professor Ai Jun from the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Renai Branch of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the biggest climate characteristic in the southern part of the summer is damp heat, which does not hinder the consumption of some refreshing soup such as melon glutinous rice soup, corn carrot soup and kelp bean soup.

For office workers, you can use a thermos bottle to soak some American ginseng, ginseng, sand ginseng, scorpion and other ingredients to drink, in addition to timely hydration, and add beneficial substances to the body.