Full list of fattening diaries

Today I went to buy an electronic weight scale back, ran several places, electrical business firms did not, supermarkets did not, and finally went to the Wangfujing sporting goods store to buy, it should be said that the price is still very expensive, one can accommodate a pair of feet size, squareThe tempered glass panel is set with a small LCD digital display. It costs 180 yuan and has three models. The two models are cheaper and are said to be out of stock.

Who knows if he is not selling cheap, only selling expensive, or what business game.

銆€銆€The minimum display unit of the scale is 0.

1 kg (100 g), less than 100 g can not be displayed.

The error is too large and the magnitude of the change is at least zero.

1 kg, or 0.

2 kg, 0.

01 kg to 0.

09 kg (10 to 90 g) is not shown.

Every day I really gain 10 grams to 90 grams, I can’t see it. I can see it is 0.

1 kg, or it is not displayed at all.

銆€銆€Tomorrow’s fattening plan will be officially implemented. In the morning, we will measure the weight first, and look at the effect the next morning.

銆€銆€I went out to work today, and I ate a snack at the noon to eat rice, thinking about getting weight, and licking a few mouthfuls from other people’s bowls. As a result, I ate high, and I was not hungry at night. I only ate some fruits and vegetables.The phrase “I want to eat a fat man”, no way.

銆€銆€The fattening plan of the cockroach is also to find a piece of music, to order the work and dry.

Increase to the standard weight and stop and keep.

I hope that the matter will come true.

銆€銆€The fattening diary 2009/05/15 today should be the first day of official fattening.

銆€銆€I got up at 5:30 in the morning, I slept late last night, closed my eyes at 11:30, did a belly massage before going to bed, and turned 50 clockwise.

Turn 50 counterclockwise.

At a glance, I blinked at 5:30. As before, I had to come back to the cage. I thought that I would start this great cause from today and quickly climbed up.

The first thing is to weigh the weight. When weigh, we find that the scale is not allowed again.

Because I checked the body, I used the mobile phone to slap the weight of the electronic scale on the standing scale. The hand held the mobile phone stood on the scale and showed 55 kilograms. Put the phone down and weigh it or 55 kilograms.No response, the weight of the phone is 135 grams, greater than 0.

1 kg, according to the scale should respond.

For example, the weighing error of the scale design is calculated by rounding off, and it is not right, even when not taking the mobile phone.

9 kilograms, take the phone should be about 50 kilograms, or do not take the mobile phone about 50. 0 kilograms, take the phone should be 50.

1 kilogram, I don’t understand, I don’t know if there is any standard for the manufacture of this scale. Check the packaging, and there is no manufacturing standard.

It’s a famous brand.

How many products in our country have no standards, how many products have standards and are not implemented according to standards, think of Sudan Red, think of melamine, and think of Chinese manufacturing.

銆€銆€According to one product, if there is no standard, it is not allowed to go public. At the very least, there should be an enterprise standard.

There is no standard product, you have not thought of it, the manufacturer is arrogant.

Far away.

銆€銆€After emptying the belly, weighing the body is 55 kg.

It doesn’t matter.

It is also the weight that I expected.

There are several calculation methods for calculating the standard weight, which are basically based on my height.

According to my own height, my standard weight is about 60 kg, and I aim at 60 kg.

銆€銆€Today’s meals: breakfast: staple food: about 360 ml of milk (243 ml per bag, one bag and a half), half a bean simmered cake, half a cornmeal cake.

銆€銆€Non-staple food: half a salted duck egg, half a piece of raw cucumber, two pieces of raw radish.銆€銆€More than half of the milk, salted duck eggs are eaten more.

Put a spoonful of honey in the milk, not sweet.

銆€銆€Lunch: staple food: rice non-staple food: one pig’s foot, braised radish.

銆€銆€The pig’s feet are cooked, use a pressure cooker, cook for a while, the flesh is separated, it is very sloppy, put less salt, eat soy sauce, it is delicious.

Don’t put too much water. After the soup is cold, it is frozen and it is a dish.

銆€銆€This kind of eating is sometimes eaten, but only half a time.

銆€銆€Dinner: staple food: a bowl of rice porridge.

銆€銆€Non-staple food: salad vegetables (tomatoes, onions, cabbage, cucumber), a few pieces of Harbin red sausage.

銆€銆€Cold vegetables: put some red peppers (preferably minced with scissors), put some sugar, put some vinegar, put less salt, and then put some edible oil, such as camellia oil, olive oil, sesame oil, etc.Yes, the taste is sweet and sour.

This salad, tomatoes and onions are essential.

銆€銆€Usually only eat vegetarian dishes for dinner.

Drink a bowl of porridge.

銆€銆€Activities: There are pairs of dumbbells at home, practice it, practice free radicals and sore.

Take a walk for about 1 hour after dinner.

銆€銆€Rest: Yesterday night, I closed my eyes at 11:30 in the evening, and I got up at 5:30 in the morning. I only slept for 6 hours. I was confused in the morning and simply slept for 40 minutes.

I took a rest after lunch.

銆€銆€Just report it here, it’s time to rest.

Look at the effect early tomorrow.

銆€銆€The fattening diary came up in the morning of 2009/05/16. After emptying, weighed the weight and depressed it. The weight scale was too inaccurate. It was too much. The first time we called 55.

2 kg, I don’t think so, I gained 0 in one day.

2 kg, too fast, it is still 55.

2 kg, do not believe, and the result is 44.

9 kilograms, it is outrageous, it is still 44.

9 kg, and still called 44.

9 kg, and still called 44.

9 kilograms, speechless.

This is called ah, busy for a day, fat did not increase to lose weight.

This scale has a positive and negative phase difference of zero.

3 kg, 6 two, catch up with the pigs.

This is still used, this product error is too big.

銆€銆€No, I have to make a clear understanding, search on the Internet, the error of the family weight scale, not to mention, this error is within a reasonable range, another well-known brand electronic scale error, reasonable range measurement accuracy: 5-60Kg (positiveNegative 400 grams) 61-100 kilograms (plus or minus 600 grams) (plus or minus 1%), it seems that this error is not too large, but also less than 400 grams of positive and negative errors, the shop theory theory that wants to buy scalesStill forget it, the theory does not understand.

銆€銆€Nothing, take the average of this weighing result, it is 55.

05 kg, hehe!

It coincides with the plan of the 淇? God’s will!

That is to say, 淇?increased by 0 yesterday.

05 kg, 50 g, one or two, not bad, this scale did not increase the day by 500 grams.

In order to understand, the implementation and results of today’s weight gain will be reported to you tomorrow morning!

銆€銆€It seems that this great pleasure in jealousy is still hopeful.

銆€銆€The fattening diary 2009/05/17 weighed this morning and started twice.

5 kg, also known as 55.4 kg, such as pressing 55.

4 kilograms, an increase of 0 from the previous day.

45 kg, 9 two, it is impossible to see, can not be superstitious about this scale.

In two days, the weight seems to have increased, the decimal is not correct, only to see the big number, look at it.

銆€銆€Yesterday was Saturday, went to the Temple of Heaven Park in the morning, stayed there for one morning, and the day of the day was a lively event. There were several places to sing and there were band accompaniment, followed by a “Spring Voice” singing team.I’m so embarrassed, I’m going to nurse my mood. The people who sing are basically over 50 years old, and all of them sing are revolutionary songs. People of this age are still preferred to the songs that have been smudged at that time. Some people may notunderstanding.
But I don’t know when the revolutionary song will sing.

The site also bought two (one or two episodes) singer’s self-printed songbook with 300 songs.

銆€銆€Yesterday’s diet: Breakfast was eaten at a 鈥減orcelain mouth bean juice shop鈥?in the north gate of the Temple of Heaven. This shop was moved after the demolition of the porcelain mouth, which may be known to the old Beijing people.

銆€銆€Breakfast: a bowl of tea, a bowl of bean juice, a sauce of sesame sauce, a egg, pickles.

銆€銆€Lunch: 棣?one (Xinjiang food, similar to sesame seed), rice about 2 two, pork foot soup stewed radish tofu, pig’s foot half, raw tomato dinner: small corn porridge, cabbage mixed with shrimp skin, sauce tofu (whole tofuThe pot is steamed, poured with soy sauce, chopped green onion, salt seasoning and sauce mixed with cooking oil), red sausage, raw radish tomatoes, one or two small wines.

銆€銆€Daytime fruit: watermelon, dragon fruit sleep: 7 hours (night 6.

5 hours, 0 pm.

5 hours) After two days of eating more and taking more adjustments, it seems to be effective, continue to work hard.

銆€銆€The fattening diary 2009/05/18 today 6 o’clock weight: 55.

5 kg, yesterday: 55.

4 kg, increase by 0.

1 kg.

銆€銆€According to the results of weighing, the weight is still long in 3 days. On the morning of May 15, the first time weighed 55 kg. Although this scale is not allowed, it has increased by 0.

5 kg, even if the positive error of removing the scale is 300 grams, it will increase by about 200 grams.

銆€銆€These days, in the diet, I would like to eat more meals than before, and eat a very full meal. Before eating, it should basically be eight full. Because the appetite is not strong, it is not necessary to eat more and eat less.Sometimes I still feel that I don’t like digestion when I eat too much. In the past few days, I have increased the intake of meat.

Since the fattening, in order to promote digestion, basically eat radish every day, or cooking or raw food, eat more raw food, when the fruit is eaten, there is no feeling of stomach accumulation, when the meal, there is still some appetite, may be related to eating radishLet’s go.
銆€銆€There is also sleep as much as possible to ensure that reducing day and night, try to sleep for a while during the day, may be related to weight gain.

銆€銆€Yesterday’s diet: breakfast: milk bread, radish, tomatoes.

銆€銆€Lunch: rice, fish head stewed tofu, zucchini fried shrimp skin.

銆€銆€Dinner: miscellaneous rice porridge, cold spinach and shrimp skin, noon leftover (sweet zucchini fried shrimp), raw radish, salted duck eggs.

銆€銆€Sleep 8 hours fattening diary 2009/05/18 yesterday morning weight 55.

9 kilograms, an increase of 0 from the previous day.

4 kg, that is impossible.

銆€銆€Today we weighed 56 kilograms and weighed 55.

5 kg, this is a big flicker.

I bought a roast chicken the day before and ate about half of it. The rest of the refrigerator sometimes freezes.

Yesterday, I bought a few pounds of pork belly, cut into about 10 cents squares, cooked, and then sliced dipping sauce or seasoning steamed, fragrant!

銆€銆€I took a shower yesterday night and suddenly found that my little belly was getting up, just like three or five months of pregnancy. You said that the amount of effort for a few days has increased on the stomach.Once the target 10 kg is reached, a super baby is pregnant in advance, and then you will go to the street again. You see this person is like a bone, his eyes are sluggish, his hair is full, his body is squatting, and he is a big belly., squatting with a cane, not being seen as an alien, is strange.


銆€銆€It seems that for a person with a blade age, it is not easy to increase the weight and increase the weight to the added place.

Change the tactics, increase the weight gradually, return to combat, focus on different weight gain parts.

銆€銆€In principle, the weight can no longer continue to decline. The consumption of the upper level of the diet is mainly on the same day, with a slight increase. Considering the dishonesty of the electronic scale and being less fooled, it will not report to everyone every day.

The above-mentioned fattening diary will give you a demonstration. After the successful fattening, write a summary experience for everyone.