How to prevent the four “golden periods” that are most prone to long spots?

Many women often have this problem – why do they live together in an environment, have a common living habit, stay up late to work overtime, eat “junk food”, men do not have long spots, women are prone to long spots?
In fact, women are prone to long spots because of different body types.
Adolescence: Freckles are mainly related to heredity Freckles are mainly and hereditary. When the freckles are relatively heavy among parents, the child is prone to be long.
And as the age increases, it appears on the face, especially the nose, eyes and cheeks.
Adolescence: Chloasma is the beginning of aging. Young people are directly related to hormone levels and UV exposure. They usually occur during pregnancy or after oral contraceptives.
At the same time, when the mood is poor, liver stagnation, fatigue and other causes of endocrine disorders, chloasma will soon grow.
Especially if a woman has long-term liver depression, the spot is the beginning of aging.
Pregnancy: sensitive skin, prone to chloasma When the woman is in pregnancy, the skin becomes very sensitive, and some female friends may even have chloasma.
This is the most common type of pigmented skin disease in middle-aged women. It is generally caused by the decline of ovarian function and the lack of female hormone secretion in female friends of 40 or 50 years old, which leads to the appearance of chloasma.
At this time, you can use some light spot products to relieve symptoms.
Middle-aged: skin aging produces age spots. When a woman reaches 40 years old, her cheeks will have some brown spots on her face. As she grows older, the longer she grows, the longer she grows thicker. After 50 years old, she will be especially rich.
After skin photoaging, it causes localized keratinization of the skin. After thickening, it forms age spots or senile plaques, also known as seborrheic keratosis. The effect of sun exposure is greatest.
The method of preventing long spots is to wipe the face. Shengyang Yiwei The noodle treatment is a kind of folk therapy that gently rubs the face by hand. It has a certain health care function and can prevent some physical diseases.
Wu Shangxian, a medical scientist in the Qing Dynasty, said in the “Liang Li Wen”: “The morning is rubbing the face, the non-appreciation is also luster, and the blood and the sun and the stomach.”
Operation method: Every morning, hot hands, use the middle finger to go from bottom to top along the sides of the nose, and when the forehead is separated, the two hands are separated to the sides, and the cheeks are down, repeatedly rubbing the face for more than 10 times, until the face is gently heated.As well.
  This method has the effect of improving facial blood circulation, can make the face rosy and lustrous, eliminate fatigue, treat facial nerve paralysis, facial pigmentation, chloasma, facial neuralgia and other diseases.
Long-term persistence can delay facial aging and delay the generation of age spots.
When the climate is dry, wash your face with hot water, dry it, apply a skin cream, and then knead the face to moisturize the skin and prevent chapping.
People with facial skin diseases, facial sores, abscesses, skin scratches, allergies, etc. should not use this method.
Ensure adequate sleep, sleep and diet on the skin, especially sleep, to ensure adequate sleep, fatigue can lead to skin fatigue, blood acidity, metabolism slows down, then the skin will not be able to get enough nutrients; the stratum corneum due to lack of waterMake your skin look dull.
Even if you close your eyes and keep your eyes for 10 minutes, the skin will shine when you are not deprived of oxygen or water.
At the same time, drink plenty of water, drink more soup, eat more fruits, of course, the high-quality protein in eggs and lean meat is also helpful for the smooth and delicate skin.
Pay attention to the maintenance of the physiological period The females in the physiological period have weak immunity, especially those with more facial spots, especially pay attention to the maintenance during menstruation.
During this period, eat more food that helps to discharge blood in the uterus, help the function of the uterus to function properly, and increase blood, without burdening the liver and preventing spots on the skin.
Sun protection for sun protection Strengthening sun protection is the first step to reduce the removal of pigmentation. The damage of ultraviolet light to human skin tissue is sometimes irreversible. Even in autumn and winter, the power of sunlight cannot be ignored.
Therefore, apply sunscreen every day. When the sun is strong, a sunglasses and a sun visor are absolutely indispensable. In addition, the sun protection of the arms and neck should be followed up.
做好清洁卸妆   很多长期化妆的女性,脸部都存在暗沉、长斑、无光泽的问题,那是因为没有做好清洁和卸妆,化妆品中的矿物质和金属成分进入皮肤,沉积下来所致Therefore, if you want to freckle, be sure to do daily cleaning and makeup removal to ensure that the skin can breathe cleanly at night. It is worth noting that the eye and lip and facial makeup remover are best distinguished.