New Way to Lose Weight – Aroma Weight Loss Cream

In this era of “fertilizer”, there are often some strange new ways to lose weight.

Recently, a British company invented a scented slimming cream.

銆€銆€Apply this blue cream, which is about the same size as the painkiller cream, to the back of the hand, the wrist or the back of the chest. The aroma of the long-lasting tropical orchid smells a bit like almond and vanilla. It smells for a long time and wants to eat chocolate.The desire for cookies and snacks will soon decrease.

This “stick” out, so that the dieters are pleasantly surprised.

銆€銆€The inventor of this slimming cream is not a bodybuilder or nutrition expert, or is it a Leeds?

The chef of Paul’s restaurant gave him the inspiration: the chefs didn’t feel the flavor of the freshly prepared food, because they always smell the smell of the food.

銆€銆€The invention of this layman immediately aroused the interest of experts in the industry and thought it was very knowledgeable.

Experts believe that when a large number of people smell the smell of food they like, they will drool and appetite, causing excessive diet, which is one of the causes of weight gain.

Studies have shown that the color and fragrance emitted on the table can immediately evoke appetite, making people can not help but eat a few more mouthfuls.

However, it smells too much, causing the sense of smell to be slow, and even the opposite.

Because there is no strong conditioned reflex, the temptation will be greatly reduced, and the appetite will not advance.

This is the principle of the scent diet.

銆€銆€Alan in Chicago, USA?

Dr. Hersh supports this view. He made a scent weight loss test using three things: mint, apple and banana.

He put the three things in three test tubes and let the test subjects smell it. The test lasted for 6 months.

As a result, all people with normal sense of smell reduced their body weight by an average of 14 kg.

The experiment found that the more a person likes an odor, the faster his weight drops.

They believe that the trial will be extended and there will be more obvious weight loss.

The scientist is currently testing for a total of 13 months.

銆€銆€Because of its credible theory and feasible practice, aromatherapy is considered by some experts to be a new method based on the 鈥渘ew concept of weight loss鈥?

If it is proven to be effective, it is the gospel of the dieter, because it is easy to insert yourself into the favorite fragrance.